Ms. Davis' 1st Grade Classroom

High Frequency Words (also called "KEY WORDS")
Tested on Thursday, with only 5 seconds to read each word aloud.

WEEK 1 - Kindergarten Review 1
see, the, you, I, come, a, from, am
WEEK 2 - Kindergarten Review 2
go, we, have, little, do, are, look, they, like, with
WEEK 3 - Kindergarten Review 3
my, here, green, yellow, blue, she, is, he, me, was, for
WEEK 4 - Kindergarten Review 4
said, to, one, of three, five, two, what, that, four, where

1.1 Sam, Come Back!
on, way, in

1.2 Pig in a Wig
and, take, up

1.3 The Big Blue Ox
get, help, use
1.4 A Fox and a Kit
eat, her, this, too
1.5 Get the Egg!
saw, small, tree, your

1.6 Animal Park
home, into, many, them

Click on this link to play games for this week's (1.1) words: